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Hello everyone! I'm Rain- a holistic practitioner on a mission to change everything you thought you knew about health. I'm here to show you that your diagnosis is not your destiny, your body was designed to heal.. we just have to get something out that doesn't belong.

Just about my entire life I have not felt well. At the age of 23 everything came crashing down after a shoulder injury, I was hit with chronic fatigue, skin rashes, allergy like symptoms, chronic pain & joint pain, food allergies, depression, anxiety, chronic neck pain, digestive issues, scalp rashes, constant brain fog, autoimmunity.

I saw doctor after doctor, appointment after appointment, I was told that all my labs are normal and that I must be just depressed. I knew DEEP in my heart that this is no way for anyone to live their life.

I began searching and finally found holistic medicine. I found answers to what was making me sick: lyme disease, mold exposure, parasites, SIBO, hashimotos, PCOS, emotional trauma/stess, candida, heavy metals, and environmental toxins. 

I truly believe that by finding the root cause, you CAN get well and feel alive again..just like I did! And-I'm here to help!

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